Christopher answers, "What does 'AWP' stand for, and what is your logo?"

AWP began as Ancient Wisdom Productions. Our name stems from the power of ancient structures like the Great Pyramids and Stonehenge. These amazing creations inspire us: built on solid foundations, both structural and ideological, they have withstood the test of time and maintain an energy and the wisdom of their creators at their core. Every year they attract people from around the globe, inspiring other unprecedented projects – the impact they have on society perpetuates.

Our visual identity has evolved over our 10+ years in Ithaca, but it all started with a frog.


Living in and out of water, making its home in tropical forests, mountains and grasslands, the frog balances Ancient Wisdom’s deep grounded nature with adaptability. Guiding us to grow and evolve as our clients’ needs change, the frog encourages us to make intelligent use of whatever opportunity is available to ourselves and the clients we work with.

This balance of stability and flexibility allows us to do what we do best: create impact. And to maintain that impact over our time in business, our services, messages, and visuals evolve as we learn and grow. Our frog logo reflects our shop-wide devotion to simplicity embodied in our light-weight iterative process.