Corning Community College

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Client: Corning Community College


Corning Community College was suffering from a stagnant image: they needed a refresh that would excite, inspire and engage audiences from students to donors, increase and retain enrollment, and support fundraising.

After phases of research and exploration, we identified that the logo mark had positive resonance in the community, but its presentation and context were static and stale. We built a new visual identity system and brand guide around the existing logo mark, including updated typography, color palette, written and visual tone, and photography guidelines.

As a first step to implement the new identity system, we began our journey through our web design process and explored user experience and site structure through a thorough Discovery, followed by wireframing, and design mockups.

The website needed to improve the college’s competitive edge in the region’s two-year college market and foster deeper and more lucrative relationships with donors.

With many new developments taking place at the college (including a brand-new residence hall), there was plenty of compelling information to present; what was missing was a cutting-edge, well-organized, easy-to-maintain website where interested visitors could quickly ascertain the college’s value.

Our process produced a responsive site that presents a clear picture of a thoroughly modern and exciting place, where visitors feel inspired, engaged, and eager to join the dynamic community that is Corning Community College. It clearly implements the new brand and addresses different target audiences’ needs, funneling traffic to registration or contribution, depending on the audience.

The site is designed to allow visitors to quickly self-identify as members of a specific target audience (students, alumni, parents, etc) in order to efficiently find information most relevant to them.

News items and featured stories are paired with strong, bold photography of real students engaged at the college, taking content above and beyond the bare bones data of the previous site. These stories demonstrate the richness, diversity, and exciting opportunities available to the CCC community.

We built their website on FOCUS for Drupal to accommodate their many content types and support their needs for complex third party data integrations and a complex site maintenance workflow involving many user roles with sharply defined permissions and oversight. FOCUS is our own distribution of the powerful Drupal content management platform: it simplifies Drupal’s sometimes imposing content management interface, making it easy for non-technical content managers and contributors to do their jobs.