Silent Spring Institute



Project: Indiegogo campaign

The Silent Spring Institute partners with physicians, public health and community advocates, and other scientists, to identify and break the links between environmental chemicals and women’s health.

Researchers at SSI developed a urine test that detects the presence of 10 of the most common household chemicals that can accumulate in your body. They wanted to do an initial study to establish a baseline for the levels of these chemical preset in the US population. Seeking an out-of-the-box way to recruit study participants and to help fund the costs of the analysis of each sample, they turned to AWP to produce a crowd-funding campaign.

Thanks for all your work on this! We’re happy with the project and eager to do the study and see what happens next!

Ruthann Rudel

Director of Research, Silent Spring Institute

The project needed a strong brand identity that would grab attention, reinforce the messaging, and create a strong impression in potential participants’ awareness. AWP worked closely with the Silent Spring Institute team to develop a name that fit in with their suite of initiatives and a strong visual identity for maximum impact.

We used mood boarding and style tiles to explore directions for the visual identity. This allowed us to quickly establish an aesthetic for the campaign materials, including colors, typography, and potential logos for Silent Spring’s research project. See below for examples of the style tiles.

While the visual identity was being finalized, AWP moved forward with communications strategy planning and messaging for the fundraising campaign. We identified a set of bloggers and social media influencers that were concerned with health and the environment and crafted an email for Silent Spring Institute to use when recruiting influencers to promote the campaign. We also created detailed messaging for the campaign landing page and SSI’s social media and website.

Silent Spring and the influencers they partnered with sent their audiences to an Indiegogo landing page which allowed us to collect email addresses of interested participants early on. Regular project updates built participant interest and we were able to notify people immediately when the campaign launched.

AWP prepared an explainer video for the campaign and social media that piqued viewers’ interest and left them feeling empowered to do something good for themselves and for the world.

With a solid base of influencers on their side, and a strong brand and message for their campaign, the Silent Spring Institute Detox Me Action Kit campaign was fully funded within three weeks and recruited well over the target of 100 study participants.

Although the fundraising campaign has ended, the research has not! Silent Spring Institute has used the communications and marketing materials developed during the campaign to continue to recruit study participants. Interested? You can sign up here!