A new font is born! This time it comes from the left hand of our very own Allison Usavage.

Last week was CHAWP, which came from an alphabet I scrawled on our blackboard. This week Allison contributed enough letters and characters (on paper, with a Sharpie™) for me to create another AWP font. It’s friendly, fast, and free.


It isn’t on Github this time (sorry) but it is still free to use for commercial and personal projects, and can even be distributed as long as our name/link stays in tact. Attribution. More on that in the creative commons license that comes in the ZIP/download. Speaking of which, Southpaw comes in TTF/OTF/Webfont formats. You’re welcome.


That’s Allison (above). You have her to thank for this beautiful addition to typography. I guess I did a little bit too. We’d love to see what you do with Southpaw! So shout at us (@ausavage / @finck / @awpny), preferably in ALLCAPS. Enjoy.


Download “Southpaw”