Open source, in regular and bold styles!

animated-smallerSo after releasing Tyler’s CHAWP and Allison’s Southpaw, it was my turn to make a hand-written font here. I used a stylus and an iPad app called iFontMaker to build out the base font, exported to TTF, then we brought it into FontLab Studio for some kerning, stroke tweaks, and to produce the bold version. Good times.

If you’ve ever received a snail mail from me, you’ll recognize this font as the way I address my envelopes. It tall, thin and fun, and looks great nice and BIG.





Feel free (it’s free!) to use this font in commercial or personal projects. The download file contains TTF, OTF and the Fontlab source file for your own custom tweaking. Tweet at us (@awpny) if you use our newest font, we’d love to hear about it. Enjoy!


Download christopharii