Cornell Tech Digital Brand Guide

a "Self-Serve" brand guide

Client: Cornell Tech

Project: Digital Brand Guide

The Cornell Tech campus, bustling with entrepreneurial energy, features futuristic architecture nestled seamlessly into the verdant greenscape of Governors Island in the East River in Manhattan. With a focus on innovation, Cornell Tech seeks to engage with communities, organizations, and industries to address real-world challenges while disrupting traditional disciplinary boundaries.


This is the best brand guidelines setup I have ever seen in academia, and maybe anywhere I ever worked.


Mor Naaman

Associate Professor, Cornell Tech

Cornell Tech staff reviewed the online brand guide AWP had developed for the prestigious Computing and Information Science unit on Cornell’s Ithaca campus. They liked the way it united brand, messaging, usage, and resources into one comprehensive and attractive package.

Cornell Tech saw an opportunity to draw together the many threads of their brand in one place in order to help bring discipline to their brand.

We worked with Cornell Tech to develop a guide that begins with a brand overview for focus and a summary of talking points to support coherent messaging. A comprehensive design section details acceptable usage standards for color, typography, iconography, and photography. Downloadable templates for presentations, letterhead, and business cards provide an easy starting point for users, ensuring that the brand is applied consistently across many forms of media.

AWP helped Cornell Tech increase the impact of their brand by creating a guide that simplifies the work of their marketing team, allows them to better serve the Cornell Tech community, and saves them a great deal of time responding to requests for brand materials. Both staff and faculty are delighted to have this resource available to them as Cornell Tech seeks to expand its presence in the NYC area and around the globe.