Regional Access

Brand Cohesion and Refresh

Client: Regional Access

Project: Brand Refresh

Regional Access is an Ithaca-based food distributor that helps many family-run farms and businesses in our community get their fresh produce and dry goods to regional restaurants and stores.

As a rapidly growing company, they had begun to pay closer attention to their brand’s first impression. They were suffering from brand sprawl, lacking a clear message, with a scattered visual identity.

Our mission was to create brand cohesion. Here’s a look at the brainstorming that started our conversation.

And these are the Brand Vision Style Tiles that followed.

Our process culminated in a brand toolkit that helped Regional focus their messaging and visual identity for impact. Our final deliverables included: brand guide, touched-up logo, iconography, business cards, and sales cards.


It’s going to be a joy to have all these elements at the ready as we face events and projects in the future.


Jesse Wysong

Communications and IT, Regional Access