Cornell University Computer Science


Client: Cornell University

Project: Website

The Cornell Computer Science Department is one of the oldest and most respected computer science programs in the country.

The Computer Science Department asked AWP to redesign its website after seeing the websites we built for its sister departments, Information Science and Statistical Science, as well as its parent unit, Computing and Information Science.

They wanted a site that would allow them to change the perception of the department from one that was old and conservative to one that was modern, forward-looking, and committed to diversity in hiring and recruitment. Recruiting the very best students and faculty to upstate New York is challenging, and the department needed a site that would help them level the playing field with schools in major metropolitan locations.

The style tile below shows how we approached the new CS Department visual identity.

AWP attacked this problem by creating a site that features a clean minimalist design that provides many opportunities to communicate the department’s message through a flexible content architecture and ample use of photography. We also helped them to leverage their relationship to Cornell Tech whose high tech and green campus is situated on Roosevelt Island in Manhattan by allowing them to visually tag Cornell Tech related content liberally throughout the site.

Designing the CS website.