Rockhill Restaurant

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Client: Rockhill Restaurant


At AWP, we love building brands from the ground up. We understand that a new venture needs a strong brand foundation to be a success and to create an immediate connection to its audience.

Rockhill Restaurant entered the Philly-area cheesesteak and pizza scene in 2014, and owner Andrew Welder turned to AWP to design a full brand identity, develop a well-rounded communication strategy, and create a varied suite of outreach tools including a branded website and building signage. Two years later, the restaurant is a popular spot for neighborhood families, daily commuters, and visitors to the area alike.


When AWP develops a brand, we create a unique set of visual and messaging components that convey the core values of the organization, enabling it to be instantly recognizable and setting it apart from the competition.

We helped set the tone by creating this “moodvid” – a video moodboard:


The development of the Rockhill brand identity began with creating its text logo and iconic mark, both of which work independently and are as memorable as the restaurant.

We developed a custom text treatment for the Rockhill name where each character is undeniably unique. We supplemented the full name with a stylized “R” mark to create an iconic symbol that can represent the brand in a variety of circumstances.

This versatile brand element is essential in creating continuity through brand extensions. Its compact shape allows it to fit comfortably in a number of contexts.


Rockhill needed a strong set of types to support the text logo and mark. The brand typography is a carefully crafted mix of clean, attention-grabbing styles. AWP employed three unique typefaces contrasted with a fourth more traditional font family for maximum impact and accessibility.


The distinctive typography and logo looked great in black and white, but really started to pop as we applied a mouthwatering vivid orange as the foundation of the Rockhill brand palette.

Rockhill strikes a balance of modern and retro, combining classic menu items with an updated flair. The custom icon set we developed for their boxes, menus, website and more hearkens back to their Americana roots while keeping customers tastebuds tingling.