Go Finger Lakes!



Project: Website

Nothing is more rewarding than getting to build an online resource full of rich, meaningful content, and this project was just that.

After producing an award-winning website for The Finger Lakes Land Trust, we were thrilled to team up again to help them build awareness for their organization with this new online regional resource. (UPDATE: gofingerlakes.org won Silver at the 2017 Davey Awards in the online marketing & PR category!)

FLLT spotted an opportunity to reach more of their potential audience by curating a collection of the best hiking and outdoor recreation locations in the Finger Lakes region.

The interactive map has tons of locations to explore! Filters help you discover locations that offer the exact experience you’re after. We built a “sprinkler” to sprinkle green conservation cards among the trail info cards that make up the map search results.

Our mission was to help FLLT create a platform that provided value to their organization’s target audience, while educating them on the important relationship between recreation and conversation.

We applied our model (attract > engage > convert > grow) to help FLLT shape a marketing strategy for the new site.


For online visibility, we paid careful attention to SEO when building the new website. With a wealth of high quality photography, spinning up an Instagram for Go Finger Lakes! was a no-brainer. FLLT also produced a rack card for regional placement, and bumper stickers for visibility out on the road.


To build a successful content-based marketing website you need high-quality assets, and FLLT had that covered. They have several professional photographers and videographers who support their mission and volunteer their time and expertise to provide FLLT with the amazing still and moving images that you see on the Go Finger Lakes! website. FLLT also worked closely with veteran outdoorsman Tim Starmer to create the most immersive trail descriptions that you’ll ever read for trails in the Finger Lakes.

The Go Finger Lakes! website features lots of rich content highlighting the top outdoor experiences in our region.


While the overall goal was to provide exposure for the FLLT brand, we also considered two specific conversions: building connections to the FLLT website, and building an email list. FLLT developed a blogging strategy to produce content that reflects on the Land Trust’s mission and contains contextual links to their main organization website. By building an email list and providing their subscribers with meaningful content, FLLT is able to keep their message in front of a highly relevant audience. To aid in that effort we implemented both click-triggered and exit-intent email subscribe popups that have an amazing 10% lifetime average conversion rate.


We implemented easy social sharing on all trail description and article pages so it’s easy to share the website with your friends. We also helped FLLT start up the #gofingerlakes hashtag on Instagram letting FLX hikers share their experience, introducing the Go Finger Lakes! website to even more people.

Mission accomplished: a vehicle for creating link between recreation and conservation.


Don’t ask how this happened.

We were honored to have our effort on Go Finger Lakes! rewarded by winning a Silver Davey in the 2017 Davey Awards PR & Marketing category. The Davey awards honors small agencies like AWP for their good creative work.

To celebrate the award, we photoshopped Christopher in a pic with his “best buddy” because “he couldn’t make it to AWP for the photo-op”.