Spider Camera Holster

Hip to Hands in a Flash

Client: Shai Gear LLC


Spider Holster makes camera accessories for professional photographers and they’re based here in Ithaca, NY.

Over the past 7 years, we’ve helped Spider grow from a single product startup to a global brand with a complete line of gear for the pro camera industry.

Spider engaged us because they value both our strategic approach and our tactical ability to execute world-class creative. They focus all of their energy on developing great products, so they depend on us to make sure those products are packaged and marketed with impact.

AWP team shooting a video for Spider on the Ithaca Commons.

We’ve been working with Spider from day 1, and it’s been an amazing experience. We designed, built and now manage the Spider brand. We use every bit of skill and expertise we have to produce impact for Spider.

We’ve created everything from their website to product packaging, instruction guides, in-store displays, trade show materials, magazine ads, product videos and more.

We also produce copywriting, photography and video assets for social and email marketing campaigns. Basically if it bears the Spider brand, we’ve had a hand in it.

Spider has grown with us from a startup into a multi-million dollar company with distribution channels all over the world. We’re incredibly proud of how the brand has grown and how our marketing initiatives have resulted in a strong return on their investment.


To experience all we have created for Spider, start with their website: