Disrupting the Intergenerational Cycle of Poverty


Project: Logo Design

Cornell Project 2Gen is a project at the The Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research. It focuses on helping vulnerable families by developing programs that support parents and their children jointly.

We have a winner! It really captures everything we were wanting to communicate: the two generations creating a unit stronger than either individual.

Carrie Chalmers

Communications Director, Bronfenbrenner Center, Cornell University

The Bronfenbrenner Center hired AWP to create a logo for Cornell Project 2Gen. They needed a mark that reflected the familial and generational aspects of the project, but with a modern sensibility.

Our Discovery lead to the identification of identity traits that are core to the Cornell Project 2Gen brand.

We led Bronfenbrenner through several rounds of concept designs, each with a thorough internal review (pictured above).

We often say that a good logo can be drawn in the sand at the beach with a stick. The final result was deceptively simple and elegant.

Project completed September, 2017.

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